Achilles Vinistar Super Window Films


Achilles Vinistar Super – Flexible PVC window films

Are you looking for flexible PVC window films with added value for your end product? Then choose the Vinistar Super range by Achilles. These high-quality PVC films guarantee a fine look which lasts. The Vinistar Super window films are ideally suited for outdoor applications and are easy to process.

What makes Vinistar Super window films so special?

- Extremely high transparency
- Little to no risk of discolouration
- Around 90% filtering of harmful UV radiation
- Good weather resistance (including against frost)

The flexible PVC window films from the Vinistar Super range meets the requirements for the European REACH certificate. This means that these products are reduce the impact on people and the environment we live in.

Application and processing

For many sailmakers and tentmakers, Vinistar Super from Achilles is already a trusted name. Window films from this range are applied to tarpaulins, terrace enclosures, veranda enclosures, awnings and more. Alongside the special product properties, there are other characteristics which are important to you as a manufacturer:

- Wide range of material thicknesses: 0.25 mm – 3.0 mm
- Two different width ranges: 1.37 m and 1.83 m
- Suitable for high-frequency welding
- Flows easily from the roll (quick release)
- Available in different degrees of hardness (S/PHR)

Achilles Vinistar Extruded – optimum transparency

Are you looking for flexible PVC window films with the highest transparency in the market? Then choose Vinistar Extruded. A special production process means this window film combines optimum transparency with all the special properties of the Vinistar Super films.
Do you have special wishes or requirements for other product properties? Then have a look at the Achilles specialty films.

Want to learn more about Achilles Vinistar Super flexible PVC window films?

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