Achilles CSM Rubberized fabrics for inflatable boats

CSM Highlights

  • Wide variation of colours
  • Optimum airtightness
  • ISO 6185-3:2014 certified
  • Available in 1100dtex and1670dtex



CSM rubberized fabric

Are you looking for synthetic rubber for sustainable applications in inflatable boats? Then choose the CSM rubberized fabric from Achilles. This four-layer material with CSM and neoprene polychloroprene is sturdy, durable and maintenance-friendly. Even in extreme weather conditions, the CSM rubberized fabric from Achilles stays fine and provides a significant contribution to your inflatable boat’s performance.    

High-quality rubberized fabric as a selling point

Your client wants charisma, comfort and a long lifespan, whether  for buying an inflatable dinghy or a tender for recreational use, or a professional rubber boat for demanding environments. With the exceptional properties of the CSM rubber fabric from Achilles, you have access to a strong selling point.

What makes the CSM rubber fabric so special?

The engineered CSM rubber fabric from Achilles owes its name to the top CSM layer (Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene  Rubber). This material is highly resistant to weather influences, wear and stains. The double-layered neoprene on the inner side of the CSM rubber fabric also provides optimum airtightness. Finally, the nylon/polyester core guarantees durable use of your rubber boat.  

Heat shield (optional)

With the optional heat shield, the engineered CSM rubber fabric also remains comfortable to use even in very high temperatures. The special coating ensures that the material is resistant to intense sunlight and that heating of the surface remains limited.

High safety standards

The CSM rubber fabric is available in a variety of colours and thicknesses, including the popular T10 (1100dtex) for recreational boats and T15 (1670dtex) for larger professional boats. Both types are ISO 6185-3:2014 certified. This ensures that the CSM rubber blanket from Achilles meets the applicable safety standards.   

Want to know more about the CSM rubber fabric?

Producers of inflatable boats and related products are a familiar Wendt target group. Make use of our knowledge and experience in the application of the engineered CSM rubberized fabric. We will advise you on purchasing, processing and finishing this material.  
Curious about how to benefit from the special properties of the CSM rubber fabric? Get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to inform about the options for your project.                
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