PVC plastic films

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Are you looking for flexible PVC window films with added value for your end products? Then choose one of our Achilles PVC window films.


Wendt BV offers a wide range of products of Achilles Vinistar Super PVC films for a various applications such tents and windows.


Our Achilles Vinistar flame retardant window films are avaible with both European and America certification standards.


The Achilles Seiden Series is specially formulated window filmd with anti-static properties for clean rooms, data centers, seperation walls and high technology applications.


Achilles has specially developed films with additional specifications, with a wide range of special applications such as Achilles Vinistar Low Shrink film.


A combination of PVC and polyester gauze makes Achilles Tarpaulin extremely robust and durable, making it great to use for demanding applications.

Vinsitar Low Shrink

PVC film with optimal Low Shrink performance in the toughest conditions is our Achilles Vinistar Low Shrink.


Create added value with our Achilles Vinistar Scratch Resistant Transparent PVC Window film.

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