Achilles Vinistar Flame Retardant Window Films

PVC Film Highlights

  • Extremely high transparency
  • DIN 4102 B1 certificate
  • MVSS302 flammability test


Flame-retardant PVC films

Achilles wide light – with MVSS302 flammability test

Do you manufacture tents or other canvas products? Are you looking for a flexible PVC window film with fire-resistant properties? Then choose the wide light PVC film from Achilles. This film has been developed for standard applications, and is available in a width of 1.83 m. 

Achilles FRX window films – with DIN 4102 B1 certificate

Do you manufacture products needing to meet strict requirements and standards for fire resistance? Then choose a window film from the FRX range by Achilles. This variety is extremely suitable, for instance, for applications in larger party tents and roll-up doors. The FRX films by Achilles have been tested by an independent institute and meet the requirements for DIN 4102 B1 certification.

- FRX films by Achilles are available in two widths: 1.37 m and 1.83 m (‘FRX wide’).
- Flexible PVC window film as a fire facility

Achilles Funen Clear – Non-combustible material – certificate no. NM-3411

Are you responsible for fire safety in a larger public space? Then consider flexible PVC window film as an emergency facility. For fire safety in environments in which the consequences of a spreading fire are incalculable - theatres, large shopping centres, care institutions such as hospitals and nursing homes, hotels and airports.

Fire retardant for 15 to 20 minutes

Achilles Funen Clear is a PVC film specially developed for fire barriers. An intermediate fibreglass layer makes this flexible window film is fire retardant for between 15 and 20 minutes. With Funen Clear, you can isolate the source of a fire, and prevent the fire spreading to other parts of your building.

For softwall and curtains

Funen Clear remains transparent in all conditions. This PVC film is also antistatic, and blocks up to 97% of harmful UV radiation. Achilles Funen Clear is suitable for applications in softwalls and curtains.
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