Achilles Speciality Window Films

PVC Film Highlights

  • Smoke Tint
  • Heat Shielding
  • Cold Flex
  • Low shrink film
  • Suitable for Sreen printing


Flexible PVC window films with special properties

Do you have special requirements for the properties of the PVC films you process? Achilles has already considered this by developing different varieties of the Vinistar films, giving you the right film for many different applications.

Vinistar Karo – film with a grid print and brand name or logo (optional) 

Vinistar KARO print is a high-quality PVC film with a grid pattern. The pattern’s advantage is a highly reduced line reflection. During the film’s production, you can also have your logo or company name printed on the gridlines. Vinistar Karo offers the same transparency as the unprinted films from the Vinistar KARO range.

Vinistar Classic – suitable for screen printing

Are you looking for a high-quality PVC window film suitable for screen printing, perhaps to display your brand or company name? Choose Vinistar Classic. This film offers the same properties as Vinistar Super, apart from quick release. 

Vinistar Smoke Tint

Would a tinted PVC window film better fit your products’ look or application? Then we recommend Vinistar Classic Smoke Tint. This PVC film is less transparent than Vinistar Super, letting less direct sunlight through.  


Vinistar Cold Flex 

A flexible PVC window film for freezer areas or climates with extremely low temperatures. Vinistar Cold Flex is a little firmer than Vinistar Super, retaining its special properties to a temperature of -50°C.

Vinistar Heat Shielding

Do you want a flexible PVC window film combining high transparency with a heatshield? Then choose Vinistar Heat Shielding. This window film blocks around 50% of the sun’s infrared heat radiation, keeping it pleasantly cool indoors.   

Vinistar Low Shrink 

Achilles Vinistar Low Shrink has been developed specially for products requiring less shrinkage. This PVC window film has been treated after production, so that the film no longer shrinks. This makes pre-treatment unnecessary, improving the efficiency of your production. Achilles Vinistar Low Shrink is available in 0.5 mm and 0.75 mm.

Any other special requests?

Want other flexible PVC films with special properties? Then contact us. Achilles’ supply range is extremely comprehensive. We’ll be happy to research the options for you. 

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