Our products come with an advantage, as a boat manufacturers's reputation heavily depends on the product quality and therefore performance of the materials used. Wendt understands this and offers high qualtiy Achilles CSM products. For instance our reinforced fabric for inflatable boats was specially developed to give lasting performance that will delight your customers and enhance your reputation.

CSM fabric for inflatable boats

Combining a multilayer structure of CSM and neoprene, our Achilles CSM inflatable-boat fabric is exeptionally durable and long lasting. The fabric's CSM outer layer present a superior protective coating that is unaffected by oil, grease and solvents. It also has a high resistance to weathering, abrasion, impacts and staining. The double layer neoprene fabrics interior has excellent air retention properties and ensures that inflatable boats remain inflated longer.

Heat reflective property

The rubberized fabric prevents the absorption of solar energy and prevents the excessive heating of outer surfaces in hot climates. Simulated solar tests show a temperature of around 15 degrees centigrade.

Product highlights

- UV resistance
- Weather resistance
- High and low temperature resistance
- Abrasion resistance
- Chemical resistance



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