A manufacturers's reputation heavily depends on the product quality and therefore performance of the materials used. Wendt understands this can make the difference. Our range of transparent film products are specially developed to give lasting performance that will delight your customers and enhance your reputation.

Marine-grade pvc window film must be able to withstand harsh ambient conditions such as sub-zero temperatures and remain clear for safety reasons. Our transparent marine window film not only offer durability and flexibility in below freezing conditions, it also offers many other advantages, including excellent clarity and UV resistance, low hace effect after exposure to water, and long life with less yellowing compared with other films. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, this manufacturerer-friendly film release easily from the roll.

Extra-wide roll widths

In addition to the standard 137 cm wide roll width, this durable and weatherproof laminated film is also available in an extra-wide width of 183 cm, affording more freedom for designers to produce new creative innovations.

Fire retardant

As well as our standard product film, we also offer fire-retardant versions that meet stricter safety requirements (with B1 certification), e.g. for on-board cooking areas.

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