PVC Film

The flexible and transparent PVC films that Wendt supplies are UV-resistant and REACH compliant. PVC film has proven itself in the field and is widely used as a flexible window in tents, sprayhoods, boat covers, outdoor blinds and enclosures, but also for flexible or soft partitions. Click on read more if you want to know more about the various qualities of PVC film.


Achilles PVC film is produced with safe, environmentally friendly plasticizers that meet the European directives.


Fire retardant PVC film is tested by an independent laboratory. For every production you will receive a DIN 4102-B1 certificate.


Achilles PVC film is producedd with the highest quality UV stabilizers, which contributes to the proven lifespan and UV-resistance.

Specialised in high-quality PVC film

Wendt BV has been an independent agency and official representative of Achilles Corporation's PVC film and CSM Rubberized fabric for over 25 years. Wendt supplies Achilles PVC film for flexible windows and Achilles CSM Rubberized fabric for inflatable boats to distributors who sell the products to local manufacturers. Wendt also sells directly to manufacturers who use PVC film or CSM Fabric to make an end product

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Do you have any questions or are you curious about which Achilles PVC film is the right choice for your product or project? Please feel free to contact us by calling +31 (0) 252 516 938 or send us a message and we will contact you.


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